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Warminster Food Bank75 Downey Drive, Warminster, PA 18974. Phone: 215.323.4797Text: 215.672.9422email: mail@warminsterfoodbank.org   

Director's Service Report

Director’s Annual Report to the Board of Directors



  The Warminster Food Bank had a record service year generating almost $300,000 in cash and food donations while keeping expenses below 8% of total revenue.



  We had several public and mass distribution events which heightened our name recognition and community awareness, including two major food giveaways, two community showcase events, local television, and radio interviews, and we distributed over 10,000 lbs. of food assistance to other food assistance groups.



 The highlight of our year has been the tireless and dedicated service of our volunteers.



 Our volunteers directly served over 900 families representing over 3500 individuals since the beginning of the calendar year 2021. They lifted, moved, sorted, and packed almost 40 tons of food donated in 2021. They accomplished this Herculean feat by donating over 10,000 hours of their time. If that were not enough, they personally donated over 2000 lbs. of food, $1000 in cash, and $750 in gift cards, not including additional supplies and equipment. There have been many instances during a work shift when we ran out of bread, or laundry detergent, whereas one of our volunteers would run out and buy the item and then refuse reimbursement.



With great volunteers and excellent community support, we approach the next year in a sound financial position, however there is a major challenge that seeks to undermine our performance and prior gains. That challenge is a strong recent resurgence of food price inflation and supply chain demand inflation.



Inflation is a double-edged sword which acts as an extreme regressive tax on the poor and may have the impact of driving more families to seek assistance, while at the same time reduce donations and our ability to provide the same high level of food assistance to our guest families.



Moving forward, we need to be constantly vigilant in securing donor support, maintaining a stable market basket, and monitoring our service output footprint, so we can remain a generous, steadfast, and reliable food assistance provider for this year, and years to come.





Respectfully Submitted,


Michael R. Cerino


Director, Warminster Food Bank


November 8, 2021



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