Saturday,July 17, 2021 @ Warminster ShopRite


Release:  Stuff the Cruiser Event: July 17, 2021


In 1958, the Coordinating Council for Health and Welfare started collecting and distributing food to help distressed families in the Warminster Area.  In 2020, we officially filed to have our name changed to Warminster Food Bank to better describe our mission of easing local food insecurity and quite frankly, to have better Google search results.

All during those years there has been many community food drives from church groups, scout troops, neighborhood collections.  Last year alone we brought in almost 90,000 lbs. of food donations. But given all that history and success, not one single donation day ever exceeded 3000lbs. That is, until we partnered with the Warminster Police Department and with the gracious support of Cowhey Family ShopRite of Warminster.


For our “Stuff the Cruiser” Food Drive on July 17, 2021, we collected 3188lbs of food donations in a single day along with $340 of cash donations that we turned into ShopRite gift cards.


We consider this record accomplishment no less than a resounding community vote of support and affirmation of all the fine men and women that serve in the Warminster Police Department


Warminster Rotary, Local Companies, Church groups, Community leaders and elected officials, Individuals, families, young, and old, all chipped in and participated in the event. 



With heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Detective Sergeant Scott Selisker of the Warminster Police who brought the Police Cruiser and worked the whole shift in full uniform in the scorching heat, to Joe Cowhey and Rebekah Morrison from Cowhey Family ShopRite who assisted us every step of the way, they are an organization that has been an incredible community supporter, and to Karin Suttmann from Warminster Rotary and JL Media for having the talent, vision, and the ability to make it rain food from heaven.


To all the donors, Thank You.



Mike Cerino, Director, Warminster Food Bank




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