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Warminster Food Bank75 Downey Drive, Warminster, PA 18974. Phone: 215.323.4797Text: 215.672.9422email: mail@warminsterfoodbank.org   

October 24th Food Distribution Event

The people were arriving as early as 7:30am for a 9:00am start time to receive their food package in our Fall Food Drive. By 10am, over half of the boxes were given out.


Strong evidence of the need, fear, and uncertainty that still prevails in our community.


In all my years associated with the food bank, it never ceases to amaze me how the Spirit brings the people and resources together for a worthy cause.



Those who responded so graciously include:


Nellie Alderfer, who spearheaded the Giant Food Store efforts, Clare Schnarr and Eric Carr, all the Giant corporate people, and of course, all of the store managers and associates at the Willow Grove Store doing the hard work packaging and delivering the boxes.


Father Joe Watson, Ann Marie Gervino, and the parishioners of Nativity of Our Lord Parish for the use of their facilities.

(PS. Ann:) (We are hoping to come back April 24th, 2021 for our Spring Food Drive)


Warminster Rotary led by Kevin Crail along with Daulton, Karen, Colleen, and Katie who stopped by with a donation. Their families and their friends came out lending their efforts moving and distributing the packages to the guests. Also, thanks to the Running Club members Daisy and Nick for getting the boxes out. (After running!)


And of course, our people at Warminster Food Bank, especially Terry, our treasurer, Diane, our corporate secretary, Casey, and a special thanks to Staff Sergeant Ted Dombrowski, USAR, who handled on-site logistics. And we welcome Colleen O'Rourke who will be assisting us in future marketing efforts.



We were complimented by so many on what a successful day we had; however, the ultimate success will be when events like this aren’t needed anymore. Until then, and with your help, we continue to serve.


Thank you all so much.


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