Monthly Service Report


In December, the Warminster Food Bank had the highest monthly output of food assistance in its 63-year history. 


For the month, Our direct service output was 16,350 pounds and another 7000 pounds supporting other pantries in need for total of over 23,000 pounds.


We provided food for 300 families by supporting the Klinger Middle School's Farmers Market Pantry.

We provided food for 40 families by supporting the Willow Grove Baptist Pantry.

We continually provide food assistance to the 35 families of the Warminster Heights Senior Center.


Those who came to our location to pick up food included 109 families representing over 459 individuals and on the last day of operation before Christmas, we served 20 families representing 90 individuals by distributing 3000 pounds of food in a single day.


As 2020 finally ended we heard what a lousy year it was. While it is true there has been great fear, tragedy and loss, inconvenience, loss of socialization, and because of economic restrictions and persistent inequity, we had more families than ever to serve who are dealing with food insecurity. 


Paradoxically, 2020 has been extraordinary, because there has been an equal, if not greater need for those to express and exercise their generosity and compassion for others and it is through that expression, we all become much better than we were before. 


Reflecting that generosity, we received a record input of food donations this month just under 17,000 lbs. 

However, not limited to food resources, the generosity of volunteers came forth as well.


In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, we are given a directive when needs become great; "The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord to send more workers.".  We asked, and He did.


This month we had great help from our friends at Warminster Rotary, which we are a proud corporate member. They worked Saturday the 12th helping us sort and date 3000 lbs. of food. All of volunteers worked so hard this month and we added some great people and new workers to our call up list: Carrie, Patrick, Deb, Karen, Brian, Joe, Kathy, Paulette, and Patti.


You all work so hard, you all give so much.  Thank you for listening to the Spirit inside that motivated you to ask if you could assist. It is an honor to serve with you.


Happy New Year.



Mike Cerino

Director, Coordinating Council for Health and Welfare

Warminster Food Bank

75 Downey Drive

Warminster, PA 18974


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