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Our first ever mass food distribution event was a success. We gave out over 300 hunger bags in a very orderly and safe process. There are some lessons to be learned and improvements to be made for our next attempt, hopefully again in October. 


Special Thanks to the Giant Food Store volunteers led by Nellie Alderfer. For the hard work they did securing the food items, packing the bags, securing Peapod support and delivery, and coming out Saturday to help with the distribution. We also thank Clare Schnarr from Giant who worked on this project and advises us as a board member. (group photo attached)



Thanks to Warminster Rotary for coming out, especially Kevin Crail and Sean Friedland. Rotary and their family members were fun to work with and they worked hard in the heat, getting out the bags from the crates, adding our flyers, and distributing to our guests. (group photo attached)


We thank Dave Luchsinger, GM, Wawa Hatboro, who donated and delivered Hoagies and Cold Water. Timing was perfect. (photo attached)


We thank Staff Sergeant Ted Dombrowski, US Army (USAR), and Paul Cerino for directing traffic and logistics.


Thank you to Father Joe Watson, Ann Marie Gervino, and the parishioners of Nativity for their support, hospitality, and the use of their facilities.


Finally, thanks to all our regular weekly staff volunteers, for their enthusiasm and especially, Diane, Gerri, Casey, Sharon, and Hadley, who came out to help. 


Originally, when we decided on the July 25th date, I thought about marketing the event as Christmas in July, fitting because our venue was a church honoring the Nativity. However, we are reminded that food is not a Christmas gift but a right, a human right.

July 25th Major Food Distribution Event

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