Monetary donations are very important to help us buy fresh and frozen foods and other items not often donated.



A quick update on Supermarket Chain store donations of Free Hams and other items:


 If you want to donate one of these items to us, we recomend you give it to us directly.


This Easter season many local stores advertised if you donate your ham it will go to a "local food bank."  We used to get these donations in the past, this year their donations went to Philabundance. 


Warmisnter Food Bank will never see a single ham or anything else that ends up at Philabundance.


We serve the local community, if you want us to get an item, it's best you donate directly to us. 

Thank You.



Warminster Food Bank is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

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Our donation to benefit ratio is extraordinary. 90% of every dollar making it to the clients directly!

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