Director's Service Report

June 2021: Year-End Report.



Dear Supporters and Friends,


With abundant generosity of spirit and grace, we made it through the most trying times of our history at the food bank.


The Covid crisis has created the largest number of families ever to ask us for food assistance. Paradoxically, we were blessed with the largest number of resources ever received and an influx of compassionate volunteers, allowing us to serve all who came to us for help and presenting them one of the largest food baskets in the region.


Our successes are not like the underdog victories found in the scriptural texts such as David defeating Goliath, or Moses defeating Pharoah, or even like those in popular culture, like Rocky defeating Apollo Creed.


We are more like a resistance movement, sniping at the heels of a powerful enemy, economic injustice, systemic poverty, and fast rising food prices.


Even if we dare to suggest the Covid crisis is now an endemic rather than a pandemic, we have reason to believe the aftermath of its economic toll will remain long after we are unmasked.


Below is a small sample of our encounters this year:

  • Elderly man who asked if we had candy/snacks to give to his young grandchildren when they visit (this was right after Easter when we had PLENTY). It made him feel extra good to be able to give them something and thought it might encourage them to visit more often. 
  • Elderly immigrant man who could not believe the amount of food he was given, could not stop thanking us, and told us the US was the greatest country in the world. Wanted to thank everyone in the pantry and then called afterwards to make sure we thanked everyone.
  • Woman who told us they could not remember the last time she had so much food in the house.
  • Person who was crying and embarrassed because she went from being a donor to a recipient.
  • People who ask for an extra can of tuna fish for their pet.
  • Twelve-year-old girl in lockdown for her birthday encouraging her friends to donate food to us rather than receive presents.


For all the above and more, that is why we serve those in need and why we are so grateful for your kindness and support this year.


Have a Blessed Year.




Mike Cerino, Director, Warminster Food Bank


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